GORDY’S MARKET | Stanley, Wisconsin

Gordy’s Market, founded in 1966, with now over 30 stores across Western WI recently constructed a new store in Stanley, WI. Throughout the design process careful consideration specific to the lighting design was consistently at the forefront of the project. Energy savings and maintenance concerns lead them to install the latest LED technologies from Mercury Lighting.

When looking at the payback over a conventional fluorescent system, the energy savings and maintenance costs over the life of the LED system outweighed the initial installation costs. The construction team, management, and staff for Gordy’s Market are very pleased with the decision made to install LED and look forward to using Mercury for future projects.

The LW14 from Mercury Lighting did the trick for the new Gordy’s market. Its rounded profile acrylic diffuser evenly surrounds the LED light source, enabling a very wide light distribution that illuminates down to the bottom shelves. Custom formulated high diffusion acrylic material allows for maximum light transmission while eliminating pixilation and hot spots.

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